Shadow Puppetry

Shadow Puppetry

Shadow Puppetry with its bold shapes, vivid contrast and dramatic movement, is a highly engaging art form which provides rich opportunities for exploration in early child hood educational settings. We work with organizations to ensure that your chosen subject is portrayed to maximize the learning opportunities provided. Shows bring best-loved stories, fables, poems and songs to life. Presentation explains dark, light, shadow, reflection and how to control the effects. The workshop describes the history of puppetry and explains its Chinese origins.

Puppet making

Puppet making workshops teach about materials, textures and construction methods.

Helps to stimulate creativity, ingenuity and encourage team working.

  Puppet performing

Introduction to Story creation, Script-writing, Drama and Show production. 

Promotes movement, imagination, co-ordinate movement to story and music.

Helps to develop literacy, planning, teamwork and organisational skills.

"Produce your own Show - Why not make a video ?"
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